Process of Production
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Whole Process
Process Video
·OEM, ODM and manufacturing
·Up to one million can be manufactured using the automation system
Step1) Air-conditioning equipment & clean room
01. Air-conditioning equipment
equipment circulating the air inside and outside of cleanroom
adjusting the inside temperature and maintaining the purity of cleanroom
preventing the inflow of particle into the inside of cleanroom
02. Cleanroom
completing cleanroom validation
Routine Revalidation and Monitoring
passing all standards of measuring capacity, noise, illumination, temperature and humidity, number of suspended particles, floating bacteria, airborne microbes, surface microbes of work tables, and fingertip microbes
Step2) Production of Ultra-pure water > Mixing of Raw material > Automatic Filling
03. Ultra-pure water equipment (R.O)
usage : municipal water purifying ultra-water manufacturing equipment
treatment water quality, treatment volume
04. Agitator
usage : lens solution agitator
using power
system composition
05. Filler
usage : automatic filler of lens solution
material : PET bottle, PE cap, sticker, ink, shrink film, carton box
Process of Production
01.Raw material>02.Raw material quality control>03.Mixing>04.Inspection>05.Passion & Air cleaners>06.Filling>07.Capping>08.Stickers rabelra>09.Compressive film>10.Systolic>11.Out box packing>12.Inspection>13.24ea box packing>14.Pallet load>15.Shipping