Foam Toothpaste
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DENTREE (for export)
DENTREE (for domestic)
DENTREE (for export)
Dentree foam toothpaste with a fresh flavor of an apple mint / sweet of a strawberry / cool of a mint is the All-in one oral care product foam brushing your teeth and gargling to washing your mouth. Not only that, but it sterilizes the harmful bacteria in a mouth, prevents sensitive teeth and gum disease as the total oral care product.
Dentree blue
일반용, a fresh flavor of an apple mint
Dentree red
여성용, 어린이용, a fresh flavor of sweet of a strawberry
Dentree green
직장인용, 흡연자용, a fresh flavor of cool of a mint
· FDA OTC registration (US, 76170-101/76170-102/76170-103)
· Trademark application (US, 85/783,080, 85/787,269)
whitening effect
making a tooth harder and more transparent by using HAP(Hydroxyapatite), a main ingredient of animal bone or tooth
periodontal disease preventing effect
using allantoin to strengthen sedation, cleanse, and curing and softly working with nano-sized foam particles when brushing teeth.
herb medicine (mugwort, cnidium)
very helpful to our body because of containing mugwort sterilizing all kinds of bacteria in our body and cnidium having anti-inflammatory function.